Anti Hair Loss Laser Massage Hairs Comb

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  • 🌟 Hair growth comb is a hairdressing apparatus for hair and scalp care.
  • 🌟 The comb of 650nm in wave length can effectively activate the atrophic scalp cells to make its bio -energy balanced and improve metabolism.
  • 🌟 The scalp and hair follicle tissue will absorb nutrition more sufficiently under the normal condition of metabolism, as a result it can promote the regeneration of hairs.
  • 🌟 Meanwhile, hair growth comb can promote blood circulation, accelerate the access of nutrition into hair follicle tissue and promote the growth of hair by expediting the circulating process of the initial, interim and later period of hair growing.
  • 🌟 100% AFTER-SALE GUARANTEE:If you're not happy with it, ship it back and we will refund your money. We Offer 100% Money Back Guarantee.And if you have any question about the hair growth comb, pals contact us freely.
  • Effect of hair growth comb:
  1. Reverse hair loss: Stimulate hair follicles, return scalp to healthy growth cycle and improve hair loss.
  2. Improve oil production: Red light regulates the secretion of scalp grease, so that hair can grow healthily.
  3. Strong hair root: massage scalp by combing teeth, promote blood circulation of the head, and nourish the health of hair root steadily.
  4. Healthy scalp: Red light wakes up aging hair follicles and promotes healthy and natural growth of hair.
hair growth comb
  • Instructions for use:
  1. Clean hair to 80% dry.
  2. Open the battery cover, put in two batteries and close the switch cover.
  3. Push the switch button and the hair comb starts to work.
  4. Put the comb on the head, start combing, comb back along the hairline of the forehead, about 10 minutes a day, the effect is very good!
  • Massage comb cleaning method:
  1. There is a clasp on the top of the comb, press the clasp on the top, take the comb out, and the comb can be washed in water.
  2. Only the head of the comb can be removed and washed. Do not wash the rest of the comb.


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Anti Hair Loss Laser Massage Hairs Comb
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